Chairman’s Flooding & Water Level news and call for help at the meeting 02-06-2024

Wistow Flooding & Water Level
As a member of the Parish Council a parishioner brought to the Council the flooding of his back garden in December 2023. I was tasked with investigating, and in carrying out that task, I found a catalogue of previous reports with very little response from all parties. I personally have been affected with a flooded back garden but for a different reason to the parishioner.
I believe it’s about time we took a deep look at what has gone wrong with the system. Wistow itself is derived from wet lands but much work was done in the past with ditches and dikes to move the water away. I believe we have neglected that system which is causing problems for individuals around our community.
I am looking for your help to tell me or show me where ditches and dikes have not been maintained properly or even buried and lost altogether. Tell me where problems arise that cause you issues. In my case, it’s a planning thing; when development is undertaken, the planning authority allow drainage to a soakaway I think this thinking is flawed in land that struggles to drain anyway. I am already in conversation with farmers but I need the input from inside the village.
This Sunday I will be available at the Village Hall from 10:30 to 12:00 complete with map of Wistow to mark your information.
(Oh, by the way there will be free refreshments and all your other Parish Councillors to meet and bring your fresh ideas for the village. 🫖☕️🍰)
Rob Poskitt
Chair Wistow Parish Council

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