Wistow Gardening Group

Wistow Gardening Group

The Gardening Group consists of volunteers that provide and look after flower areas within Wistow.

Who are we: Barbara Jones,  Carol Hewan, Christine Scott, Linda Baille, Lynn Donovan, Maria Taylor, Michael Hewan, Ruth Leigh, Vicki Downes

We meet as required coordinated by Lynn Donovan to do maintenance such as weeding, pruning, planting and tidying up.

What / where we tend:

  • Barrels at:
    • Jubilee Hall Entrance
    • Jubilee Hall Car Park corner
    • Prospect Place
    • Selby Road, Pinfold Hill juction
    • The Green, side of “The Den” at the corner with Selby Road
    • The Green, Notice Board
    • The Green, Picnic Table
    • The Green, Sheila’s bench
    • Church Hill, Snicket to the back of the school
    • Lorship Lane – Garth Close junction
    • Trough at the junction of Station Road – Cawood Road junction
  • Other Areas
    • The Green, Eddie’s bench / bike corner
    • The Green, Post Box Corner
    • The Green, Pinfold Hill Corner
    • Field Lane – Lordship Lane junction
    • Station Road Wistow sign
    • Cawood Road Wistow Sign
    • Selby Road Wistow Sign

Willing volunteers are welcome please, Lynn may be contacted using her email:     lynn.donovan312@gmail.com

It’s a good way for novices to learn about gardening!

See some of our work here.